Hong Kong artist WONG Chung-yu

email: contact@wongchungyu.com

黃琮瑜,一九七七年生於香港,在香港中文大學完成計算機科學碩士課程,後獲英國文化協會獎學金赴倫敦藝術大學坎伯韋藝術書院完成數碼藝術碩士,以優等級別畢業 (Distinction)。黃琮瑜的創作範疇為繪畫及數碼藝術。在繪畫方面,黃琮瑜早年於香港中文大學藝術系習畫,專注當代水墨的探索。在數碼藝術上黃琮瑜則致力開拓程式編寫及新媒體應用的可能,並着重數碼技術及中國文化的揉合,當中嘗試過的手法眾多,包括以實時隨機為特點的動畫製作、應用三維動畫處理山石造境、開發模擬水墨滲染的程式系統並發展成數碼作品、將個人水墨真蹟與動畫投影結合、透過種種電腦圖像分析法以攝影機為媒介創作互動裝置等等。



Wong Chung-yu was born in Hong Kong in 1977. He received his Master degree of Computer Science in The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). Later on he pursued a Master of Art degree in Digital Arts in The Camberwell College of Arts of The University of Arts London with scholarship from The British Council and graduated with Distinction. He remains active in the realms of Painting and Digital Art. For Painting, Wong studied painting in the Fine Art department of CUHK and continues his exploration particularly in the area of Contemporary Chinese painting. In the field of digital art, Wong attempts to extend the possibility of programming and multimedia application. He particularly focuses himself on the harmonization of digital technology with Chinese context and tried many different approaches, including producing animation generated in real time and random formats, application of 3D modeling in landscape creation, developing a software system to simulate the infiltration effect of ink and further applying it onto digital works, integrating personal paintings with projection of animation, taking camera as a medium to build interactive installations through the use of different analytical methods on camera images, etc.

Wong’s art works have been exhibited in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen (深圳), Wuhan (武漢), Macau, New York, Norway, and Australia. His paintings and digital arts are collected by the Hong Kong government (Hong Kong Museum of Art, Museum of M+), the Chinese government (Hubei Museum of Art 湖北美術館), art organizations (the University Museum and Art Gallery of The University of Hong Kong), and collected privately.

Besides visual arts, literature also plays an important role in Wong’s art. Wong wrote fiction. His short stories were published in literary magazines in Hong Kong and won merit awards in The Youth Literature Award 2003 (青年文學獎) and The Chinese Creative Writing Award of Hong Kong 2002 (香港中文文學創作獎). His major works include the novel of “Perhaps” and “The Lawra”.